We produce small quantities of hand made tableware glass.

Our craft products are created by skilled glass masters with decades of practice. Hot glass is hand-shaped in wooden tools and mouth-blown in to the wet wooden molds made out of local oak wood, aditional bits of hot glass are curved with century old metal hand tools.

Our high quality standard glass is recycled from automobile glass lens production. So we don´t have to use as much new raw materials, that would have to be mined and processed.

Energy for our glass electric furnace comes from our own local water powerplant based at river Kamenice passing by our hotshop.

Colored glass

We offer and supply wide range of colored glass materials.

Our stock have more than 100 tons of glass ready to ship. Glass materials were produced in our local area of Bohemian North-East region. There are two coeficients of thermal expansion Alpha 90 and 98 COE. Pallete contains wide range of colors in many different grit grain sizes or in rods. Two main domains are transparent and opaque lines of colors. This sortiment is suitable especially for hotshop production, because the colors are very intense even in small layer thickness when blown.