We produce small quantities of hand made tableware glass.

Our craft products are created by skilled glass masters with decades of practice. Hot glass is hand-shaped in wooden tools and mouth-blown in to the wet wooden molds made out of local oak wood, aditional bits of hot glass are curved with century old metal hand tools.

Our high quality standard glass is recycled from automobile glass lens production. So we don´t have to use as much new raw materials, that would have to be mined and processed.

Energy for our glass electric furnace comes from our own local water powerplant based at river Kamenice passing by our hotshop.


This hand made vase was made all without any moulds all by hand with wooden and metal tools. This uniqe technique known as a free-hand shaping is the proof of high skills of our glass masters. Green and blue colored glass frits of high coarse are used in combination with the basic transparent glass form the furnace. It takes about 30 minutes to our master to make one of these beautifull pieces.

After the slow cooling for 12 hours, the vase can be inspected and packed.


These glasses were made by mouth blowing in to the metal pre-mould with the pattern and right after in to the wooden mould of the final shape. Rims shaped out of the hot glass bit were made, followed by the punty rod sticking from the other side fhan the blow-pipe. After another rim is applied at the lip, heated to fire polish and the cup is opened. It takes 2 persons about 10 minutes to finish the process of making one.

After the slow cooling for 12 hours, the cup can be inspected and packed.